Make Your Own Board for nearly the price of a brand new custom board while enjoying a nice Bali holiday. We offer 2 types of courses catering to all individuals whether you just want to learn or advance your shaping skills.

4 Day Shaping Course
Over 4 days, we will provide you with all of the materials, tools and live instruction necessary to create a custom surfboard from start to finish. Upon completion, the surfboard is yours to keep, and the lessons provide you with the ability and knowledge to shape and glass additional surfboards on your own, and go on to experiment with different elements of board building.

*No experience needed
DAY 1: Shaping
Day One starts with the basics of surfboard design. We'll introduce you to the shaping bay environment and introduce the tools and techniques employed in this craft as well as the safety. We will lead you through planning the shapes & design, the intricacies of bottom contours, rockers, nose, tail, deck and rail shapes. We will discuss fin and plug installation, including various theories around fin positioning on different boards, and how their placement may affect performance.
Prior to your trip, you would hop on phone call with us and discuss the details of the board you’d like to shape; what you’ve been riding, what you hope to achieve with a new shape so that everything will be prepared before this date. 

DAY 2: Glassing
We will proceed to the glassing stage on day two where we will cover every step of the glassing process. You will learn how to dress the board with fiberglass cloth and mixing the resin and laminating your board. 

DAY 3: Sanding & Finishing
This will be the final day in the factory. You will learn each step of the critical finishing process; achieving a perfect finish & effectively sanding off your board to achieve a smooth and hydrodynamic finish.

DAY 4: Surfing1
Today is the day where you get to test your new creation out in the surf! We will have a videographer with you and your board, getting all the waves you will catch with your new magic board



1 Day Intensive Shaping Course

You'll gain proficiency in the art of surfboard shaping. Our comprehensive instruction delves into the intricacies of shaping principles and methodologies, encompassing a wide spectrum of topics such as becoming acquainted with the shaping bay environment, tool selection and their effective utilisation, the advantages of manual shaping versus CNC, plug installation, initial shaping, rail design, meticulous adjustments, and the intricate process of final sanding.
Perfect for those who want to start their own surfboard brand.

*No experience needed


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